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Industrial and Transportation Revolution: Causes & Effects

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Industrial and Technological Developments
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Cotton and Cotton Gin
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Hello, and welcome to our social studies project about the Industrial and Transportation Revolution. Upon our website, you will learn a lot about the Industrial and Transportation Revolution and its causes and effects. We hope you will obtain more knowledge about this topic and also enjoy exploring our site.

These are your classmates: Jon, Vince, David, and Alan speaking. We have created a website for our Industrial Revolution project. Here you will learn about the rise in technology during the 1700 & 1800's. You will learn about new inventions like the steamboat and rail road trains. Also, you will learn about older inventions like the cotton gin and how innovations like these stimulated other industries and helped make America what it is today. Enjoy!

Theme Topics
1. Discuss the influence of industrialization and technological developments on the region, including human modification of the landscape and how physical geography shaped human actions (e.g., growth of cities, deforestation, farming, mineral extraction). Include the development of interchangeable parts & mass production and the steam engine.
2. Outline the physical/geographical obstacles/challenges and the economic and political factors involved in building a network of roads, canals, and railroads (e.g., Henry Clay's American System).

3. Discuss the significance of cotton and the cotton gin in the South and its effect on slavery.