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Industrial and Transportation Revolution: Causes & Effects

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Industrial and Transportation Revolution

Web quest- Questions 

1. Explain the 3 main parts of Henry Clay’s American system.

2. Identify the invention that boosted the production of cotton and describe why it boosted production.

3. Who created the invention above (#2) and how did it affect slavery?

4. Discuss why the railroads often stimulated other industries such as iron or coal.

5. Distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of steamboats and river travel.

6. When and where was the Transcontinental Railroad completed?

7. How did the Industrial Revolution begin in America?

8. List two geographical modifications of the landscape that humans did while making the transcontinental railroad.

9. What two groups of immigrants were used to create the transcontinental railroad?

10. Name and describe the 2 types of roads that were built during the early 1800’s to make traveling easier.

11. What slowed down the western movement in 1812?

12. Compare the advantages canals offered over other methods of transportation.

13. Explain how the four time zones of the world were created.

14. Examine the affects of the train industry on the lives of many Americans.

15. Show how interchangeable parts benefit the industrial revolution.

16. Describe how steamboats made transporting goods cheaper?

17. Tell why it was important to make a steamboat with a powerful engine.

18. The _____  ______ connected Lake Erie to the Hudson River.

19. Summarize the three most important effects the Industrial Revolution had on America.

20. What are some of the things that might have happened if the transcontinental railroad of America were never created?