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Industrial and Transportation Revolution: Causes & Effects

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Political Cartoon
National Road Dispute

Political Cartoon: National road dispute

Analysis: In this cartoon, there are three boys and a cookie. The first boy wants to have the cookie. He think that they should all split the cost of it since he thinks all of them will be eating it. The second boy isn't so sure about buying the cookie. He doesn't really want to eat it because his teeth hurt. The third boy definetely doesn't want to buy the cookie. He is allergic to cookies.

Explanation: In 1806, some people in the USA were talking about building a road the ran across the country. They wanted it because it would make traveling easier and trading easier. Some people thought that the federal government should pay for this road. This would cost a great deal of money. The citizens in the West really wanted this National Road to be built. At that time, the West was still mostly wilderness so having the road would make traveling much easier for them. However, some people weren't so eager to have it built. The citizens in the East didn't really want to spend their tax dollars building a road that only led to wilderness. They probably wouldn't use it that much and it would cost a great deal of money. The citizens in the South hated the idea of having a National Road. They didn't want to pay for it because they wouldn't even be close to where it was to be built. They felt like they were paying for something, but would not receive it.In this cartoon, the first boy represents the West. He wants the cookie and thinks all three of the boys should pay for it. The cookie represents the National Road. The second boy represents the East. He doesn't really want the cookie, but doesn't really hate the idea either. If he tries to eat the cookie, his teeth will hurt. This represents the fact that the East wouldn't really have any use for the new road. They might use it occasionally, but not regularly. The third boy represents the South. The third boy hates the idea of all of them buying the cookie, just like the South hated the idea of all of them paying for the National Road. The third boy is allergic to cookies. He can't eat it at all. This represents the fact that the citizens in the South won't be anywhere near that road that they are paying for. They wouldn't have any use for it whatsoever. That is why the third boy doesn't want the cookie. President Monroe declared the National Road unconstitutional. However, the National Road was built anyway. The road sped up travel time and stimulated other industries by making it easier to transport goods.